Steve Taylor’s Memorandum: ‘On The Future of The Music Industry’

What do you get when you match Australian, and ex-Newsboys front man, Peter Furler {on drums} with Steve Taylor (Christ follower, vocalist and renowned creative genius responsible for the classic brilliance of such tunes as ”Jesus is for Losers“, ”Bannerman” and  “Cash Cow“)?

You get: Steve Taylor and the Perfect Foil!

As to the meaning of the term ‘Perfect Foil’? The best explanation I can find, at this present time is:

“the perfect foil to that sudden gust of wind” suggests a different foil, the verb meaning “To prevent from being successful; thwart.” Its noun form means “a defeat.”
(Source: Throw Grammar From a Train)

Otherwise I’m with you – “wt?” – but such is the vibrant artistry of S.T.

As a side dish, here’s Steve’s “memoranda” on ‘The Future of the Music Industry’.

3 thoughts on “Steve Taylor’s Memorandum: ‘On The Future of The Music Industry’

  1. art & life notes says:

    Taylor’s on-the-street interview is pretty amusing.

    As to the meaning of “perfect foil.” I wonder if the meaning may be almost the opposite of what you suggested. In art terminology a foil can be a setting or background that provides contrast in order to make a more important element seem better or more prominent. Would that make sense in the context Taylor is using it?


    1. Rod Lampard says:

      I like attaching your concept to the meaning. Thanks for the assist. I struggled for about 45min trying to research it before posting something on it. I’m not sure I’d readily apply it to the meaning of ‘perfect foil’ in this case. Just because it doesn’t seem to fit the edgy poetic imagery that expresses the theology I’ve encountered in Taylor’s other work. ‘Perfect defeat’ seems to send a stronger message about the paradox of Jesus’ victory. *That said, I could be wrong.



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