Spurgeon: ‘Life Is A Conflict & Thou Needest Battle Music’

Gratia Veritas Lumen: Spurgeon FPG

Since reading these words I’ve wondered what Spurgeon would have thought of today’s musical milieu and the classics it is built on.

His 19th Century, British historical context aside. Were Spurgeon here today, the good Reverend may have been more likely to tune in to some of it. Rather than just churn out a blanket critique against all of it.

Outside hymns and a few modern worship songs. There are not a whole lot of lyrics which could be universally wrapped around the notion of existing solely as a battle cry for poets, pastors, philosophers and theologians.

This said, P.O.D’s song, ‘Sleeping Awake’ seems to be among the few that would fit well.


Spurgeon, C.S. 1883,  Flowers From a Puritans Garden

For a real take on Spurgeon ”Behind-the-scenes”, I highly recommend: The Forgotten Spurgeon by Iain Murray.


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