Year in Review: Top Twenty Posts of 2014

Collage 1 Top Twenty

Long term readers of this blog will know that I’m not big on lists. I get that lists are draw-cards; that people have a limited amount of time and that the Biblical texts are full of them.

That said, neither am I following an absolute uncompromising imperative against using lists. So, here are the top twenty posts for 2014.

  1. C.S Lewis: Is Theology Poetry?
  2. Review: Who’s To Blame?
  3. Jesus Freak: Overdone; Far From Being Outdone
  4. On Preaching & Performance
  5. When A Man Loves A Woman: Barth’s Freedom In Fellowship
  6. Deum Verum I (Very God)
  7. A Broken Sermon For The Broken-Hearted
  8. Sin & The Rejection of Grace
  9. Sabotaging Christmas: Toys, Identity, Gender & Politics
  10. aRt & tHeOlOgY: ‘To Our Wounds Only God’s Wounds Can Speak’
  11. Epiphany 2014: He Will Reign
  12. Heartbreak Warfare: Refusing To Walk On Eggshells
  13. Steve Taylor’s Memorandum: ‘On The Future of The Music Industry’
  14. The Stamp Is Real
  15. Noise, The Joyful Kind
  16. We Can’t Create Peace With A #Hashtag
  17. Die Weiße Rose
  18. The Writings On The Wall
  19. Christ In Contemporary Culture: ‘Come Alive’
  20. Review: Crowder, Neon Steeple

Although the blog has been active for over a year, this is the first full year for complete stats.

I view stats like positive feedback. They show me areas of strength and limitation (For me, this generally means: writing ability vs. subtle unresolved insecurities complicating how I write).

All the best for 2015.

In Christ,


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