Chesterton: ‘Sometimes The Best Business of An Age is Resistance’

Chesterton is almost always good Winter reading:

Sometimes the best business of an age is to resist some alien invasion; sometimes to preach practical self-control in a world too self-indulgent and diffused; sometimes to prevent the growth in the State of great new private enterprises that would poison or oppress it. Above all it may sometimes happen that the highest task of a thinking citizen may be do the exact opposite of the work which the Radicals had to do. It may be his highest duty to cling on to every scrap of the past that he can find, if he feels that the ground is giving way beneath him and sinking into mere savagery and forgetfulness of all human culture.’ [i]
– (G.K Chesterton, 1911 Charles Dickens: Appreciations and Criticisms )




[i] Chesterton, G. K. 1911 Charles Dickens: Appreciations and Criticisms: Child’s History of England Waxkeep Publishing Kindle Ed.



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