Experimental Motion: Movement In D

Lately, I’ve been working in a new guitar by experimenting with the Line 6, Pod HD400. Hence the slower output on the blog. There’s a few loose bits here, but such is improv.

First, I created a bass line, then played some melody to run over the top of it. This is my third experiment with the new system. All recorded with an iphone.

As for the quote and the picture. As some of you know, I find a heavy relevance to contemporary issues in some of Albert Camus’ material. The quote seemed to fit. The photo is also mine.


8 thoughts on “Experimental Motion: Movement In D

  1. frankgrauillustrator says:

    Sounds good. I’m not familiar with the Line 6 Pod. Is it an amp/effects simulator/sampler that runs into a speaker cab, or does it run into a computer/iPhone to a music editing/recording app? I have no way of recording music and when I’ve tried placing my iPad in front of my Deluxe Reverb the built-in mic can’t handle the volume and clips the signal. It sounds pretty bad.

    I haven’t experimented with good simulator/sample type rigs, but I suspect it must be easier for recording, right? I did a couple of photo-shoots for Line 6. I should have just bartered for equipment. 😉

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    1. Rod Lampard says:

      I just used the iPhone, which is what this recording is from and why it’s got the kids in the background.

      I changed from doing that to experimenting with the USB, connecting the unit straight into my laptop, with the sound running back through my amp via the Pod.

      The result was 100 times better. Clear and no background noise. Plus I can layer riffs, add percussion via a drum app and play it back through the Marshall, controlling the sound of each layer with the tools available on Audacity – free recording software; basic, but efficient. If you’re interested, I’d recommend checking the HD400 or 500 out. My current conclusions = it’s not quite a band in a box, but the tech does open up a huge amount a creative possibilities.

      I’m yet try it on my iPad. I plan to that using garage band when there’s more time for it.

      (Kudos on the Line 6 gig 🙂

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      1. frankgrauillustrator says:

        Those are very nice guitars. I talked my buddy into buying an Artcore (I’m afraid I may have talked him into a couple of guitars, since he essentially seems to collect them anyway). It was a beautiful guitar and sounded great. In fact, it made me want to get a hollow-body, which led me to eventually get a Hamer Newport.

        Regarding the recording, I once tried plugging into my computer and recording directly into Garage Band, but the sound from the computer lagged my playing by a hair. It was annoying hearing the delayed sound, so I gave that up. I’ve since just settled on living with cruddy recordings just to have a recording of whatever music I’ve written.

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      2. Rod Lampard says:

        I’m keen to one day buy a Gretsch, ‘Alligator’ resonator. That’ll probably round out my collection. (Long term, maybe also a Gibson, Les Paul Signature electric…)

        If you’re interested, I put this together yesterday, using garage band, audacity and layering it with guitar, a bass line and acoustic.

        Didn’t take a lot of time. The riff was okay, but could be refined. It’s part of a song my old band and me, put together back in 1997. Haven’t played it in a few years and was seeing how far I could go with the tech. Wasn’t unhappy with the outcome.

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  2. frankgrauillustrator says:

    That sounded really cool. I wish I could use all the technology and were able to mix an entire composition like that. My little recordings sound exactly like what they are, i.e., some clown sitting in a room in front of a cheap microphone slopping out some noise. I don’t have any drums or bass lines, and I’ve never been in a band to really get used to playing in time with others. This is just pretty much just a hobby for me. If you’re interested, send me your personal email and I’ll send you a couple of clips (I’d be far too embarrassed to post my noise online).


    1. Rod Lampard says:

      Thanks. Will do. I look forward to hearing them. I recommend checking out the drums in garage band. The flexibility allows you to rearrange the beat and add a cow bell or tambourine where wanted. As for the bass line. I just used the My Lady FX on the POD, in order to give the Lower E & A strings a bass sound, then recorded the bass riff separately. Also, check out the program Audacity. It’s free (at the moment), easy to use (and legit).



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