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July 21, 2015 — 7 Comments

Here I was thinking that my developing ideas about homeschooling, being more like lifeschooling, was an original concept.

I’m not sold on Kirk Cameron’s approach to evangelism or some of his theology. Also, Cameron is sometimes reckless. The portion in this video where he mentions evolution, for instance, all to easily implies that Christian homeschooling families are reactionary.It implies that they tend to retreat from public because of a fear of evolution, an anti-evolutionist position, or a hatred of reason and science.

The tone and point of the video aren’t bad. It just doesn’t help when celebrities hand out sound bites to the wolves, who are all too ready to find, and howl, whip statements out against Christian homeschooling families.

This said, for now, I’m on board with the term lifeschooling. It could be rightly argued that this is just a matter of semantics. However, I think the term works. It might better serve in expressing the grind, loving sacrifice and great adventure that homeschooling is.