Faith Recalls & Radiates God’s Steadfast Love & Faithfulness

20th May 2016 093


Faith is a lot more than this, but Snoop’s got the scoop.

In the hard times it can be difficult to remember the faithfulness of God that radiated so brightly in all the good times.

God’s blessing never comes with a promise to keep us happy. Mary was blessed above all women, yet, at times suffered. Faith which goes beyond religious appearances produces fruit. It’s a thing of substance. An act that remembers God, and like Noah & Abraham, with gratitude and heartfelt, honest prayer, honours Him for His love and faithfulness. It honours and remembers that God can use any situation for His creative purposes. That even if we at any point in time find the trouble hard to comprehend, we can still hold firmly to God’s firm hold of us.

He wills to be present in our lives. He doesn’t run from us when the storms come. No storm can prevail over against God who, in Jesus Christ, has prevailed. Time and time again, we’re called not only to remember, but also to be a living reminder of what the living God has chosen to do for us, so that we could be with Him.

God has made Himself know to us as the Creator. He tells us that He creates, not to destroy or corrupt, but to build up, cherish and take joy in what He created. This doesn’t mean that He is beyond allowing something to be corrected or destroyed, He can. To say otherwise would deny Him his freedom; His holiness and sovereignty. It would deny Him, his parental right to speak a loving “no,” in order to protect us and instruct us.

What this faith means is that in the good times or in times of desolation, we’re to remember to stand firm in the fact that God is the Creator who says, “yes” to life and wills to raise us up to live it abundantly.

Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness! (Psalm 115:1, ESV)

In a nut shell: God will make a way.

Amen to that!

Image: Peanuts, A year’s worth of smiles & blessings, Peanuts worldwide, 2011, Dayspring)

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