Solemn Cheers

Here’s three cheers for the artist, and the writer, who remain uncorrupted by nefarious social and political forces that seek to conscript their ideas;

a cheer for the scholars, who don’t spam social media seeking to impress their peers;

a cheer for those academics who don’t take themselves as seriously as their groupie fanatics.

Here’s three cheers for the politician who refuses to be unreasonably moulded into the ideological conformity of the rest;

a cheer for the dads and stay-at-home mums, who choose to work at making a family, yet find themselves staring down the barrel of angry feminist hypocrisy;

a cheer for the indigenous community who sets themselves free from the chains of activist protectionism.

Here’s three cheers for that community who chooses to carefully utilise Government programs in order to build a way out of poverty; willing to empower discussion about complex social issues.

a cheer for the teacher and the preacher, who, though faced with uncalled for adversity, stays true;

a cheer for all the homeschoolers that don’t blog, because the little time that they have is better employed elsewhere.

Here’s three cheers for the police officers, who, by the very nature of their job, pay in some way for the crimes of others;

a cheer for the volunteers who keep on giving when they’ve already given enough;

a cheer for all the good dads who stand firm, but forgiving, in the face of mistreatment by unbalanced systems.

Here’s three cheers for the responsible renters,

who still work towards home ownership, even though they’re stuck paying more each week to investors, than they would on a loan for a home of their own.

a cheer for those parents who understand the truism, that a house doesn’t make a home.

Here’s three cheers for the husband and wife,

who buck against the new cultural trends and instead, happily call each other so.


Here’s three cheers for the repentant sinners,

may their sighs defy the world;

and their new life speak loudly of Jesus Christ,

without fear of ostracism, moving from darkness to light.



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