WATCH: Homeschoolers are Weird, Socialisation & other Myths

Society’s phobia of homeschooling is largely manufactured. Socialisation is a myth.

What the prevailing version of it looks like is something akin to the blind leading the blind.

Kids were never designed to raise other kids. It’s the vocation of parents to nurture kids into society, not abandon them to figure it all out for themselves.

Unless you’re Hillary Clinton and believe it is the collective’s right to assimilate children into the hive mind, chances are you’re already a homeschooler.

The socialisation myth survives because governments know home education empowers free thinkers, faith, freedom, and the man for woman, woman for man family unit.

More mum and dad control over a child’s education, means less exposure to daddy government indoctrination.

Big government tends to disincentivise home education because it’s a threat to their power, and demagoguery.

Mums (and/or dads) teaching from home reduce income, payroll, and GST tax revenue. It fortifies the nuclear family, and aims to raise independent thinkers who stand opposed to absolute government dependence.

Homeschooling also competes with the education mills where kids are forced to fend for themselves on a poorly supervised playground, corralled into a caste system, and distanced from their parents.

Then, after 12-years of institutionalisation, they’re rubber stamped with the equivalent of a social credit score, and told to function in a world with the same peer-guided, class-minded dysfunctional mentality.

This is what many mean by “socialisation.” Concerned parents looking out for their kids are right to stay as far away from it as possible.

The falsehoods and fear stereotyped into homeschooling, means homeschoolers often get a bad rap, without having the right of reply handed to them.

Homeschooling’s greatest strength is flexibility. Its greatest purpose is opportunity, and its greatest foundation is a loving family.

Parents, as the saying goes, are the original Department of Welfare, Education, and Training.

Examples of homeschooling success include some of history’s biggest writers, thinkers, leaders, athletes, explorers, and entertainers.

Some more recent examples can be found here. See also my top 10 reasons analysis on why homeschoolers are successful here.

For why I think parents should homeschool where they can, when they can, if they can, see here.

For those who’ve considered homeschooling, or were told homeschoolers were unsocialised gits, with no social skills whatsoever, I recently joined Cody Mitchell, host of the the Canberra Declaration podcast for an informal chat on the elastic scholastic alternative.


First published on Caldron Pool, September 3, 2022


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