Asking for good outcomes…for the Romeike family.

No matter what side of the home-schooling debate you stand on, I think you’ll agree that fundamental freedoms are at stake. Their situation raises lots of questions for me, like:

a) Are  there no quality Christian schools in Germany?

b) Surely Germany is right to regulate schooling, given the depth of damage done by Fascism, and it’s lingering intellectual heritage?

Nevertheless, please pray for good outcomes for this family.

3 thoughts on “Asking for good outcomes…for the Romeike family.

  1. sarsrose says:

    wow this is such an interesting one! I agree with both your questions. I’m a German teacher, not that it gives me that much more insight into this issue than others, but I am of the understanding that private/Christian education, though available in Germany, is very uncommon, comparatively speaking.
    On the other hand, I can see the importance of government regulated schooling (though depending on the government!)
    I understand that many parents have very strong views on how their children should be educated, though I still believe that even when a child is at a government school the parents should be the primary educators. Parents should be educating about life, values and morality at home, but surely it can’t hurt a child that much to receive the state’s education too, if there is no other option?
    I see how this conflicts with personal freedom, though I can also see that I’m biased in this situation because I am a Christian and see Christian based teaching as no threat to society. I can imagine though that there would be other situations/world-views that I would find more threatening.
    I wonder if this is an issue of submitting to the sovereignty of God? Surely God is capable of keeping his hand of protection over the minds of these children, even if they are forced to receive education from secular society?


    1. Rod Lampard says:

      Great questions. I think the overriding issue is about religious freedom. I’d be reluctant to even allow room for public schools, even if no other alternative was available. I’d be willing to move from that view if the quality and freedoms within the institution were preserved without the hypocrisy/double standards witnessed in some schooling contexts today. Peace and grace.



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