Facile Friday

June 21, 2013 — 3 Comments


1. Proverbsgirl posted this amazing video about forgiveness on her blog. Nice find…the content speaks for itself.

2.  Kanye West caused a bit of a stir this week. Actually, more than a stir – this post from ‘Old Thomas’ featured on ‘theresurgence’ has done the rounds on my Facebook newsfeed. I was interested in this because of its relevance to art and theology. Quote highlight:

”Even good theology can become a point of arrogance when we lord our understanding over our weaker brothers”… – amen.

A good reminder of who we are as Christians, and that we serve with, not just work for God – preferably with more emphasis on the former ‘with’, rather than the latter ‘for’.

3. In my opinion, Sarsrose is among some of the best writers in the Australian blogosphere. Her most recent post talks about taking stock of our reality. Sober subject matter. Worth checking out. Read more here.

4. I don’t agree with everything that Roger Olson has written, but this particular post  attempts to answer the question, Could what happened in pre-World War II Germany, occur in America?  Olson states in brackets that Iraq DID not have WMD’s, personally I think that they probably did at some stage, so I disagree with some of the content. However, that said, this one has some depth to it…recommended – Quote highlight:

”Remember that Hitler grabbed dictatorial power on the premise that Germany was under terrorist attack after the burning of the Reichstag. Germans were willing to allow him to suspend their freedoms and rights to protect their safety–even though their safety was probably not at all threatened” (Roger Olson)

5. Some movie news: There is a third film in the “Before” series due to be released soon.1016675_137350603133202_276442529_n ”#3 Before midnight” stars the original actors ‘Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpy’. The movie is set for release in June-July 2013. From the preview (available here), it looks as interesting as the first two (#2 Before sunset, 2004) and (#1 Before sunrise, 1995).I am not completely sure what it is about these films that make them appealing. I think that it has a lot to do with good acting, dignified dialogue, and the scenery.

There are 18 years between the first movie and this latest release. This fact adds some depth to the storyline. I do have issues with some of the content, but overall the films are not too bad.  The plot and characters are authentic. They also delve into the complexities of youth, relationships, time and ideology. My wife and I haven’t seen the third instalment as of yet, but if it follows the same formula as #1 & #2, it should be a good alternative to what is available in the romantic comedy genre at the moment.

6. For my fellow word press users – the new Omnisearch option in the dashboard interface is very handy! more on that here

7. Loving the piano and guitars in this classic Third Day song: (great stuff)

3 responses to Facile Friday


    Wow thank you so much Rod. I’m honored. Appreciate your constant support.



    Also, regarding the Forgiveness clip, there’s actually been a film made about that event. It’s called ‘Amish Grace,’ and was released as a TV movie in 2010. It’s worth a look.



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