Does anyone love God?

I valued reading this and commend Katie for writing it.

Katie Nelson

Sometimes, I get super discouraged… does anyone love God? I mean, I know that so many do, but I meet many people who used to go to church, who are adamantly appalled by Christianity, and at the same time- I’m sometimes disappointed at Christians’ responses to culture- or their lack of a response altogether – including my own. All of this makes me sound like I think I’m one of the few who has it together, right? Like I have all the answers then… I don’t. More than anything, it just makes me sad.

Sad that we, including myself, so often don’t care what God thinks or feels at all… like He should have no say in our culture, our schools, our country… our world?

No, no – He can have a say…like over His things… like Sunday morning church and Christmas and Easter and funerals. He’s great at those…

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