Epiphany 2017: He Will Provide

There are few better ways to mark epiphany than a well thought out quote from Barth & a rendition of the old hymn, Hail Gladdening Light:

‘We live in responsibility […] Man and woman do not belong to themselves. They do not exist in a vacuum. They are not given over to the caprice of an alien power, not to their own self-will. They may or may not know and will it, but because Jesus Christ as very God and very man is the beginning of all the ways and works of God, humanity is inseparably linked with God and confronted by Him. Man and woman are subject to the divine will, Word and command, and are called to realise the true purpose of his and her existence as a covenant partner with God (p.641) […] We cannot deal evasively with Jesus Christ as one does with an idea. God’s decision as it is really embodied in Him is a sovereign decision […] It is not in vain that Jesus Christ is King and Victor. (p.660)’

(Karl Barth, 1942. The Sovereignty of the Divine Decision CD 2/II)




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