Facile Friday


1. A facebook friend shared an interesting article written by the daughter of Alice Walker, feminist and author of the book ‘Color purple’.  The power in this part-testimony, part-critique, is that Rebecca Walker’s negative experience highlights the fact that extreme feminism is entirely based on a revolution that ‘devours it’s own children’ (Hannah Arendt). Read it here.

2. For an assessment I put together an interactive children’s sermon on John 15. As part of the exegetical research, I asked a horticulturist what she thought about Jesus’ horticulturially-informed sermon. Her response was enlightening and shows that faith and science are not the opposites we are conditioned by society to believe they are. You can read her blog about it here. Vundabar!!!

3. So my beautiful wife discovered the use of the word ‘facile’ in an old Emily Bronte book we were given. I have to add it here simply because, and I’m sure you’ll agree, it was way too COOL of a find not to. P.S: I love that when my wife found this it made her laugh…

‘Villette’ – Emily Bronte NDG.

4. An old work colleague of mine is a landscape photographer. Chris Munn has a website and a facebook page for anyone keen to keep up to date on his adventures. He is planning to head out towards central Australia (the outback) to capture some of God’s wonderful handiwork. Chris’ photographs capture a quality of the Australian landscape that often gets overlooked. For my friends overseas this is a must-visit site!

5. Space and copyright. I found this article intriguing. The recent cover of a David Bowie song, which was primarily produced in space by Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield (video here), has given rise to discussion on copyright infringement outside of Earth’s atmosphere. At first, I thought what the? and then I imagined David Bowie’s lawyers having a caffeine induced breakdown, with the steam coming out their ears…I digress…Then after reading the article I am rather convinced that the discussion is an important one to have. What amazed me the most was that according to the article it took seven months the sort out the particulars with Bowie’s “representatives” (lawyers). Think of the money that went into just getting permission to do this! On the upside I guess, it was great P.R for Canada, Bowie and NASA.

6. I am going to ask for some room this week to allow me to repoint you in the direction of a post I wrote on  the sayings “Never Again” and “Never forget”. I am passionate about this, so, since discussion helps create community, please feel free to comment on this serious issue. I am particularly interested in hearing from anyone who was moved towards a greater awareness of the issues after watching the video attached.

7. This last item speaks for itself. A friend passed this onto me and for the most part I found it balanced. Rage and anxiety attacks have never served me well, even when I have been pushed into a corner and the reaction seemed justified. It is true that the “crazy makers” in our lives know how to push our buttons. Even still, we must show wisdom in our restraint.

That’s all folks…

May the “facile” be with you as you write, create and communicate this coming week.

2 thoughts on “Facile Friday

  1. sarsrose says:

    hahaha…. I found myself thinking ‘nooooooooo’ as I read that Bronte quote. Villette is currently high on my ‘least favourite books that I tortured myself with’ list….



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