Making the most of the unexpected

tree snake 3

According to ‘Cronin’s Key Guide: Australian Reptiles and frogs, 2009’:

‘Australia is home to 760 species of reptiles and 200 frogs. Among them are some of the largest and most fearsome on earth’ (and…He’s not exaggerating)

According to another source: ‘some 100 Australian snakes are venomous, although only 12 are likely to inflict a wound that could kill you’. ( … and that from a Government website. ONLY 12!).

A few months back  we had an unexpected visitor, slither along the top of our fence. Needless to say, despite the excitement, we quickly and carefully identified it. As-you-do in Australia when any snake decides to make itself known in your proximity. The great thing about this event is that it became an impromptu Homeschool lesson.

Tree snake 2

Lesson 1:

Identify the snake at a safe distance.

Lesson 2:

‘Do not attempt to pick up a snake as this could prove deadly’ (Cronin, 2009:8′)

Lesson 3:

The ‘young fella’, in the pictures below, is a non-venomous, Green Tree snake. They ‘are active mainly during the day… eats frogs, some lizards, small mammals, stranded tadpoles and fish’ (Cronin, 2009:172)

Lesson 4:

When possible, try to make the most of the unexpected.

tree snake 4

In this last picture you can just see his tail moving off the fence and into the tree.

Green tree snake 1

Artist’s impression.


Like a sun shower, it certainly is something, when an awe inspiring, and very random event, pleasantly disrupts our routine.

Lesson 5:

God is a gift giver.

8 thoughts on “Making the most of the unexpected

      1. Sis says:

        we’ve been collecting insects and pinning them. It is kind of creepy, I can imagine how exciting that would have been for your kids.



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