Making the most of the unexpected

June 13, 2013 — 8 Comments

tree snake 3

According to ‘Cronin’s Key Guide: Australian Reptiles and frogs, 2009’:

‘Australia is home to 760 species of reptiles and 200 frogs. Among them are some of the largest and most fearsome on earth’ (and…He’s not exaggerating)

According to another source: ‘some 100 Australian snakes are venomous, although only 12 are likely to inflict a wound that could kill you’. ( … and that from a Government website. ONLY 12!).

A few months back  we had an unexpected visitor, slither along the top of our fence. Needless to say, despite the excitement, we quickly and carefully identified it. As-you-do in Australia when any snake decides to make itself known in your proximity. The great thing about this event is that it became an impromptu Homeschool lesson.

Tree snake 2

Lesson 1:

Identify the snake at a safe distance.

Lesson 2:

‘Do not attempt to pick up a snake as this could prove deadly’ (Cronin, 2009:8′)

Lesson 3:

The ‘young fella’, in the pictures below, is a non-venomous, Green Tree snake. They ‘are active mainly during the day… eats frogs, some lizards, small mammals, stranded tadpoles and fish’ (Cronin, 2009:172)

Lesson 4:

When possible, try to make the most of the unexpected.

tree snake 4

In this last picture you can just see his tail moving off the fence and into the tree.

Green tree snake 1

Artist’s impression.


Like a sun shower, it certainly is something, when an awe inspiring, and very random event, pleasantly disrupts our routine.

Lesson 5:

God is a gift giver.

8 responses to Making the most of the unexpected


    that is one big snake!



    Snakes give me goose bumps! Lol!



    Love it! One of the reasons we homeschool.
    Love the artwork and “mywifeisagenius” tag, too! 🙂


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