aRt and tHeOlOgY: The best care anywhere

June 18, 2013 — Leave a comment

Image credit: Reiss,D.1983, 20th cent.Fox (text placement/design RL2013)

This sounds about right to me, how about you?

Billy Graham, 1997:

”God calls us to invest our time, our very lives, primarily in people, not in projects or possessions.”….read more here

Jim Elliot, 1949:

“He is no fool who  gives what he  cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose” (also attributed to Philip Henry (1631-1696)

Jim Elliot diary

Image Credit: Jim Elliot diary, Wheaton College, 2012

Fr.Francis John Patrick Mulcahy, M*A*S*H (William Christopher):


Bill Graham Library
Reiss,D.1983 M*A*S*H, Bay Books 20th Cent.Fox film (Image Credit)
Song: The Message
Artist: 4Him
Album: The Message, 1997 Available @: iTunes & Amazon
(I did not create the youtube video)
Wheaton College archives, sourced from

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