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Facile Friday

October 11, 2013 — 2 Comments


1. Posted today, this great read is a poem called ‘Noise’ (link). Written by Charity for her blog ‘What matters most’. The poem is a call to prayer that reflects a need to move beyond the ‘noise’ of our activism. Finding a pause in our time-poor routines, and social networking, in order to acknowledge God’s presence.

2. This link was too hard to ignore and not share on the social media carousel.  Mark Driscoll. A short blog post and a lot of Z’s. I loved reading this because I never get tired of hearing the words “You have permission to rest”.

3. A blog I follow with keen interest is ‘after existentialism, light’. Kevin Davis presents a variety of theological material and posted a very interesting article titled ‘Transubstantiation in Thomas Aquinas: part one’ (link). Worth a read if you have ever wondered about the Thomistic approach to communion.

4. When I came across the FB blurb for a look into ‘Libraries of the rich and famous’ (link), I hit the ground running (so to speak). I like looking at the ideas people have used to create elaborate unpractical, cosy, or sometimes sterile pens for their treasured literature. Given the trends towards e-readers, could owning a library like those pictured earn the owners a luddite tag?

5. Finally. A post written by a husband, stepping up to publically defend his wife against the growing prejudice towards stay-at-home mums. This needs no commentary, check it out here.