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#iLaughed 1.0

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Mondays should start with the kind of laughter that leaves a lingering smile.

Comedy is a remedy. Encased within it is this recognised truth:

…’Gracious words are like a honeycomb,  sweetness to the soul and health to the body’ (Prov.16:24, ESV)

1. Historical (italics mine)

Two men were sitting in a bar, complaining about their wives. “It really annoys me,” said one. “Whenever we have a row, she gets historical.”
“Don’t you mean ‘hysterical’?” queried his friend.
“No, I mean historical. Every time we argue, she says: ‘I still remember the time that you…'” (lol – the same rule applies to men, just ask my wife)

 2. Mistaken identity (italics mine)

It is quite possible to trap clergymen, as well as laymen, with the following question, because they are not always learned in the Old Testament.
“If David was the father of Solomon, and Joab was the son of Zeruiah, what relation was Zeruiah to Joab?”
Most persons give the answer that Zeruiah was the father of Joab, necessarily. That is not the correct answer. The trouble is that Zeruiah was a woman (King David’s older sister). And, of course, David and Solomon having nothing whatever to do with the case. (Patriarchal lag? Or does this show that the bible does mention a woman and makes a point of her lineage (Matriarchy)…hmm – !!)

3. Education: Teacher and Johnny

Teacher: I think you copied off Tommy in that test.

Johnny: What makes you think that?

Teacher: Because when Tommy wrote “I don’t know” next to question five, you put “Neither do I”.

Teacher: Who invented fractions?

Johnny: Henry the Eight.

Teacher: Where’s the English Channel?

Johnny: I don’t know. My TV doesn’t pick it up!


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