Lead, Kindly Light

June 7, 2013 — 7 Comments

Theological musing of the day:

It’s always a sobering experience to find out that I’m just as broken as the next person.

Slipping from one self imposed wagon to the next; all self-righteous attempts to lift myself up only reveal hidden sin and religious pride.

There is truth in the statement that ‘all self-justification is a lie’ (Thomas F. Torrance, ‘Atonement’ 2009).

So I have no excuse.

Failure is bitter water to drink. But, it is still nourishing.  This perspective suggests that there are things in our lives which only failure can reveal.

Foresight is only as good as our best, exhausted, educated guess. Escape from the fallout of our choices is not often a luxury we are offered.

Such escape is avoidance; an act of denial which ‘destroys relationships, prevents repentance and resists Grace’ (Nancy Groom ‘From bondage to bonding’, 1991:70 & 71).

There is strength in repentance. This exists as victory only because it is the movement of the Father, Son and Spirit, towards us. He who is victorious in ‘His humiliation, is the exaltation of all humanity’ (Torrance ‘Atonement’ 2009:210).

Repentance (is) involves confession, it ‘is not an ascetic love of feeling guilty, but the life of joyful self-denial in which we find our righteousness and truth not in our selves but in Christ alone’ (Torrance ‘Atonement’ 2009:108).

In the midst of murky dilemmas, Christ “lead kindly light”:

Lead kindly light_20130607121207636

7 responses to Lead, Kindly Light

    Patrick Horneman June 7, 2013 at 1:05 PM

    Love your work

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    I enjoyed reading this post! Failure is a bitter water to drink. Yet… god can grow us tremendously through our failures if we’re willing to seek Him!



    “There is strength in repentance.” Yes!



    love this! So true



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